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Established in 1994, Mi.am deals in the field of equipments for the analysis of RADON and natural radioactivity. Our established client base includes public organisations, universities, qualified laboratories.

Mi.am main activity is design, production and marketing of radon detection instruments for air, water, soil, emanation from ground and exhalation from building materials. On the other front we have got a laboratory for radon dosimetry and ionizing radiations measurements.

Thanks to its experience, Mi.am provides a high quality assistance and maintenance service, and it is recognized by Rad Elec Inc. as an “Authorized calibration Provider for Electret voltage readers”. In radon remedial actions Mi.am can give technical advice and supply dedicated equipment.

Recent production comprises
RadOutTM, our own design “holder” for CR-39 detectors, and POLITRACKTM, multi-purpose solid state nuclear track detector reader.

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